Al Shabab Riyadh
Al Taawon
Date: 30.11.17, 15:45 

L A S T    6    M A T C H E S
Al Shabab Riyadh
Al Taawon
16.05.19Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Shabab Riyadh3 : 216.05.19Al Taawon - Al Faysaly Al Majmaah2 : 1
11.05.19Al Shabab Riyadh - Al Taawon0 : 011.05.19Al Shabab Riyadh - Al Taawon0 : 0
20.04.19Al Shabab Riyadh - Al Hazm Rass2 : 029.04.19Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Taawon0 : 2
11.04.19Al Baten - Al Shabab Riyadh1 : 212.04.19Al Taawon - Al Quadisiya Khobar2 : 0
05.04.19Al Shabab Riyadh - Al Ahli Jeddah0 : 406.04.19Al Feiha - Al Taawon2 : 1
30.03.19Ohod - Al Shabab Riyadh1 : 228.03.19Al Taawon - Al Wahda Mecca1 : 0

H E A D    T O    H E A D
2017-02-01Al Taawon - Al Shabab Riyadh2 : 0
2016-09-23Al Shabab Riyadh - Al Taawon2 : 2
2016-03-11Al Taawon - Al Shabab Riyadh4 : 0
2015-12-25Al Shabab Riyadh - Al Taawon0 : 1
2015-05-01Al Shabab Riyadh - Al Taawon1 : 2
2015-04-17Al Taawon - Al Shabab Riyadh1 : 1

R E C E N T    L E A G U E    F O R M    (L A S T    10    M A T C H E S)
Al Shabab Riyadh
Result (Win,Draw,Lose)LDWWLWDWLW
Under/Over (2,5 goal)OUUOOOUOUU
Clean Sheet-++------+
Fail To Score-+--+---+-
Score First---+-+++--
Opponent Scores First+---+---+-
Half Time/Full TimeL/LD/DW/WW/WL/LW/WD/DW/WL/LD/W
Early goal (1-25 min)+----+++--

Al Taawon
Result (Win,Draw,Lose)WDWWLWDWWW
Under/Over (2,5 goal)OUUUOUUOOO
Clean Sheet-+++-+----
Fail To Score-+--------
Score First--++-+--+-
Opponent Scores First+---+-++--
Half Time/Full TimeW/WD/DD/WW/WD/LD/WL/DD/WW/WW/W
Early goal (1-25 min)+--+----+-

L E A G U E   R E C O R D
Al Shabab Riyadh
Al Taawon
No P W D L F:A Pts No P W D L F:A Pts
Total Record530159639:2554330168661:3156
Home Record41584321:1328215104138:1734
Away Record41575318:122651564523:1422
1 H Record4301015521:14456301014619:1244
2 H Record6301016418:1146130187542:1961

O V E R / U N D E R   (2.5   G O A L S)
Al Shabab Riyadh
Al Taawon
Under Over Under Over
19 11 14 16

No T W D L F:A Pts No T W D L F:A Pts
Clean Sheet51384113:228414104029:434
Fail to score14134456:9161182429:610
Score First41293023:830311110033:533
Opp. Scores First11922510:158151334619:2213

H A L F   T I M E / F U L L   T I M E   R E C O R D
Al Shabab Riyadh
Al Taawon
Total Home Away Total Home Away
1 Half Win / Match Win (W/W)963963
1 Half Draw / Match Win (D/W)624642
1 Half Lose / Match Win (L/W)000101
1 Half Win / Match Draw (W/D)101101
1 Half Draw / Match Draw (D/D)734413
1 Half Lose / Match Draw (L/D)110330
1 Half Win / Match Lose (W/L)000000
1 Half Draw / Match Lose (D/L)211404
1 Half Lose/ Match Lose (L/L)422211